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March 27, 2008


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Man, I am so happy to find this blog! Finally a green program for athletes. I was so disgusted when I went to my last couple of Ironman races. Why? All these athletes driving huge gas guzzling SUV's and trucks. Displays in the athletes village that were powered by portable generators. And swimming through all the gas fumes and oil slicks left by race fans in their boats.
I applaud you for launching this program.


Wow very cool, thanks for getting something like this going!!

Green envie

hmmm... doesn't a big 4x4 van create large amount of CO2 emissions, even if it is run on biodiesel, simply because it is a big van?


There is nothing "green" about being a triathlete. We still have to get to and from races, waste incredible amounts of paper cups and sponges and food and water. It's just a lame excuse for living a selfish lifestyle.
I am right there having participated in tris for over 25 years, but I would never try to justify my sport to anyone as being environmentally friendly!


I think what you're doing is fantastic. There are those in the world who accept something being bad and there are those who try to change it. Thanks for trying for change! Rock on brother!

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